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GlobeGaia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was started in 2016 when the company took to improve the social and environmental well-being of the communities and environmental sustainability initiatives and programs towards Zero Waste.

Lion’s club collects and consolidates all donations of fresh fruits and vegetables from wholesale suppliers. GG arranges the logistics and manpower to pick up and bring these perishables to  block 109 in Bedok North. The void deck of the block becomes the assembly and sorting point which is approved by the town council.

A group of volunteers led by Gurmit Singh start work at 1100 every Saturday to coordinate and distribute the  perishables. The fruits, vegetables and pantry items are sorted and distributed to needy families, soup kitchens, and old folk homes. This helped to address food insecurity in the low-income community, and promote healthy eating and moving towards Singapore’s Zero Waste goals. 

Below are some numbers for every Saturday distribution reach:

1) 702. Bedok -185 families

2) 43 Chaichee -120 families

3) 6 Lor Lew Lian-120 families

4) 409 Serangoon central-110 families

5) Haig Rd-150 families

6) 36 Eunos-100 families

7) 415 Eunos-50 families

8) blk5 Haig Rd- 50 families

9) Yuhua green day -400 families

10) BRP Punggol cc-200 families

Total 🟰1485 families

Soup kitchen/ homes = 400 pax



To pave the way to a true circular economy and inspire others to do the same.

We want to work towards becoming a company that is completely zero-waste and works towards maintaining its sustainable values over time. GlobeGaia aims to be known as an entity that can motivate key industry players to put the preservation of our ecosystem at the forefront.



To provide sustainable solutions to economical problems.

GlobeGaia wants to be part of the solution when it comes to Sustainability and is committed in working hard with our partners and clients alike, to make this happen. Our company is inspired to grow exponentially through taking up contracts that are rooted in environmental conservation and innovation.


Diversity and Inclusion
Integrity and Accountability
Ethical Intentions
Continuous Learning
Commitment to Customers and the Environment