Every year corrosion is costing billions to the industry. Corrosion does not merely make assets appear neglected but rather, it depletes structural integrity and consequently poses a serious safety hazard. It also causes severe disruption to any asset under its mercy. The more extreme the environment, the higher the probability of corrosion and it’s catastrophic effects. 

ZINGA differentiates from other anti-corrosion methods in combining both Passive and Active protection in an easily applied film galvanizing system that not only delivers active cathodic protection but also provides a passive physical shield. 

ZINGA is a one component zinc rich coating or Film Galvanising System containing 96% zinc (dust) in its dry film. It is a metallic coating and not a paint. The purity of the zinc used, is so high that dry ZINGA does not contain any toxic elements. 


An active or galvanic protection 

A passive barrier protection and an easy application 

A cathodic protection through galvanic sacrifice. 

In case of mechanical damages or in case of expansion and shrinking of the metal due to temperature variations, there will be no formation of rust whatsoever. 

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